McDonald’s worker shares behind-the-scenes ‘points system’ staff use in kitchen

McDonald’s recently underestimated just how much people love to learn new facts about the fast-food chain.

The American giant has gone viral on TikTok once again – after a franchise store published a video on a little-known points system.

The store in Walton Road, Liverpool, has published numerous videos since joining TikTok, where they post food hacks, behind-the-scenes insights and employee secrets.

One of their recent videos describing the points system used for staff meals has racked up more than 150,000 views on the social media platform.

McDonald’s staff get a free meal per shift and staff at this franchise get four points per meal – with plenty of options available.

They can choose from popular options such as a breakfast McMuffin, chicken nuggets, double cheeseburger or Big Mac for one point.

Meanwhile, premium options such as the Big Tasty, chicken Legends, frappes, chicken Selects and wraps count as two points.

A side of fries or fruit equal one point, along with drinks such as a coffee, bottle of water or fizzy drink.

The video has gone viral – as it seems people really can’t get enough of an insight into McDonald’s.

One viewer joked: “I could never work at Maccies, I would literally eat my body weight in fries on the daily.”

Another replied: “I didn’t know this was a thing.”

Other videos on the popular account show how popular items are made, including a Big Mac, toffee latte and Big Tasty.

The store also gives an insight into how staff operate the drive thru – and how they became the quickest site in the UK.