Cleaning guru shares simple hack to restore ruined kitchen pans using a tea bag

It can feel like a lost cause when burnt scorch marks on your kitchen pans refuse to budge no matter how much elbow grease you use.

They can cause food to stick to the pan, which only makes the problem worse, and many people resort to binning them.

But a cleaning guru has shared a simple trick to bring your old frying pans back to life with minimum effort – and people say it “works wonders” after trying it out for themselves.

Instagram user @Lynsey_ QueenOfClean uploaded a video showing a pan that looks like it has seen better days and fills it with hot water from the tap, which quickly goes murky.

She then throws in a tea bag, saying it doesn’t matter if it is new or used, explaining: “Pop it in and let the tannins in the tea do the work.”

The bag is left in the water for 15 minutes, before Lynsey empties the pan to show the surface has been left near spotless as she rinses it off.

She adds: “No scrubbing at all, lovely clean pan”, as the video racked up thousands of likes on social media.

Lynsey wrote: “Tea bag trick. New or used tea bags are a great cleaner and they work amazing at cleaning up dirty pans. Let the tea do the trick. No scrubbing required.”

Viewers thanked her for the hack, as one said: “This is a brilliant tip, I’ve used it a few times and it works every time. Thank you Lynsey.”

A second said: “Done this at Christmas with my baking trays. Worked wonders.”

And another added: “Wow! I never knew this… my hubby will thank me when I show him this – no more scrubbing pans!”