Tom Brady makes one last 2020 completion

Despite the Super Bowl ending three days ago, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady made one last throw in the 2020 season.

During Wednesday’s boat parade, Brady threw — yes, threw — the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another.

He released it with his right hand under the base and left hand just beneath the football at the top of the trophy. It did a half flip in the air, with the base twisting upward, before it was caught by someone on the next boat.

The heavy silver trophy, if it had missed the mark, presumably would have gone straight to the bottom of the Hillsborough River. Which would have made for one of the most interesting privately-financed frogman operations in sports history.

Like most things involving Brady, it didn’t miss the mark. The trophy was caught, and the celebration undoubtedly will continue for a while. As it should.

And, yes, some will say that the reaction would have been loud and swift if any other quarterback had done this. If any other quarterback had seven Super Bowl wins, he could do it, too.