Woman claims we’ve been tearing greaseproof paper ‘wrong’ our entire lives

TikTok has taught us a number of new things since we’ve joined the app – from bringing wilted vegetables back to life to how to repair a broken zip ourselves at home.

And now it seems it has also taught many people something they didn’t know about greaseproof paper.

A user named Sofia Shanahan has gone viral on the social media platform after sharing a recent discovery she made to do with baking parchment.

In a clip shared to TikTok, Sofia revealed that she’d been tearing the paper ‘wrong’ her entire life.

She tore off a strip of greaseproof paper, while the box was undone saying: “Did anyone else know that you’re not supposed to do this.

The piece of paper tears off very roughly, with a jagged edge.

With the end of the roll of paper still sticking out of the box, Sofia then tucks the lid back in behind it and tries again.

“You’re supposed to tuck this in here and then…”

This time the paper tears off very neatly.

She adds: “Did anyone else know that?!”

Her video, which has been viewed more than one million times was captioned: “Did I miss this tip?”

More than 324,000 people liked the clip, with thousands commenting to confess they also didn’t know about it.

One person said: “I know now, thank you very much.”

A second wrote: “THIS APP I SWEAR.”

“TikTok hitting me with knowledge,” replied another.

Someone else proclaimed: “Sorry what?! I’ve wasted 40 years of my life not knowing this.”

“No me suddenly calling everyone I know and casually asking if they do this properly and then thoroughly impressing them when they OF COURSE did NOT know,” added a different user.

A sixth also pointed out that in order to keep the roll in place, you’re supposed to “pop the circles in” on the side of the box.