Woman sparks outrage after she paints her boyfriend’s Xbox for Valentine’s Day

A woman has sparked outrage after she painted her boyfriend’s Xbox as a “surprise”.

The TikTok user named Hayley, known as @oatmilkgirl3, wanted to make Valentine’s Day really special this year, so she decided to give his Xbox a little makeover – after all, what says that you love someone more than creating something yourself?

She filmed herself painting his pride and joy in a video that has been viewed more than 4.8 million times.

It was captioned: “I saw this girl paint her ps5 and I thought it was a cute idea for v-day.”

In the video, she can be seen giving the Xbox a black base coat, before going over it in an electric blue colour.

Next, she added what she calls “razzle-dazzle” – pink fluffy clouds and yellow stars.

“I hope he loves it. She’s gorgeous,” she wrote. “Now let’s wait to surprise him.”

But after the video went viral, she decided to give him the gift early.

In a follow-up video, she said: “Alright, the moment everyone’s been waiting for. I’m about to do the reveal!”

Hayley comes walking into the living room clutching the newly painted console as her boyfriend sits eagerly waiting for her on the sofa.

Unsurprisingly, when she unveils the console, her boyfriend is speechless.

But after a few seconds he manages to muster up a few words, saying: “Ermm, it’s a cute design.”

When Hayley asks if he’s angry with her, he takes another look over the machine and replies: “I don’t know…”

But a moment later, clearly not wanting to hurt her feelings, he adds: “Oh it’s alright.”

Since being posted, the video has received more than 170,000 likes and 16,200 comments from viewers who were left reeling on his behalf.

One said: “He dying inside.”

Another wrote: “Bro holding back tears.”

“He clearly isn’t happy??” said a third.

Whilst a fourth commented: “No shade but you ruined something he obviously cared about, do the right thing and replace it.”

And one person put: “Should’ve waited till V day, now you ain’t getting nothing.”