Man shares nasty note from fed-up neighbour – but people aren’t on his side

Not everyone likes confrontation – and it’s not really advised to knock on your neighbour’s door if you don’t have too at the moment.

It can get awkward, bring you down and leave you an angry mess in the worst circumstances.

Whether it’s with an annoying neighbour, partner or close family member, it’s not always easy at the time to come up with a perfect response.

So while it’s not always advised, or indeed practical, an icy note can get your point across – and help you maintain your sense of calm.

One man, from San Antonio, in Texas, left people divided after sharing a note he received from a fed-up neighbour, in his local area forum on Reddit.

He added: “If you live in Stone Oak and left this note on our let’s talk this out like adults.

“We went to the vet for our other dog and were gone for two hours.

“I’d love to explain since clearly it bothers you to hear noise at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon.”

The note said: “Next time you leave your dog locked in a room while you’re gone, we’re calling animal control.

“Your p* off annoyed neighbours.”

People were left divided by the note – with many admitting they wouldn’t like to listen to a noisy dog for two hours.

One person replied: “This is def an overreaction from the note person but I will also say no one wants to listen to your dog lose its s*** for two hours.

“So maybe you’re also culpable.”

Another responded: “I agree. People letting their dogs bark is super annoying. Especially if you work nights and sleep during the day.”

A third asked: “They’re supposed to find two hours of straight barking just… pleasant?”

A fourth person tried to be more diplomatic, replying: “Man, I’m about to post something that 8 months ago I never would have said. Maybe they are just having a really crappy day?

“My wife’s 2 best friends died within 6 months of each other and sometimes her grief becomes anger and she just lashes out because she is angry at the world.

“I try to catch her but sometimes I will just hear screaming at the apartment managers or she will storm out and bang on the neighbor’s door.

“I’m not saying what your neighbor wrote didn’t f suck…

“They definitely need to get a grip. But now that I’ve seen someone I love do that, I try to give the benefit of the doubt now.”